International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2020)

In Search of Sustainability through Environmental Education

Authors: Ms. Priyanka Sarmah , Mr. Gourab Kumar Bhagabati

Pages: 30-33


In the past two decades environment have gained unparallel focus from scholars, policy makers and public concern. The term Environment has witnessed unending modification from its simplest form of being a combination of living and non-living organized system to a complex interdependent whole. Here in the paper, we will try to understand the changing dynamics of environment along with the alteration of the term with ecology. While the term environment tends to be more anthropocentric keeping mankind in the centre of all complex set of living and nonliving objects. In contrast to environment ecology is a much broader term that encompasses in its ambit all natural relationships. With the beginning of the concept of Sustainable Development in the late 1980’s, an integration of environmental conservation with economic development became the need of the hour. The three fold connection between the environment, human society and the economy is important and how the socialpsychological behavior is essential to maintain the harmony between the three elements will be the central theme of this paper.