International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2020)

Life Skills : The Need of The Hour

Authors: Dr. Ratna Roy , Dr. Mun Mun Das Biswas

Pages: 52-54


The present pandemic situation across the globe has opened our eyes and minds to the realization that all human beings are equally vulnerable whether a newly born, middle aged and even an octogenarian. The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown across the globe presents an unprecedented challenge for the workforce. The skills lost on account of COVID school closures will give a major blow to the global economic output for the rest of this century. Learning loss will lead to a skill loss and that will have a tremendous impact on the productivity. One way to inculcate good life skills and practices is through education. Family upbringing also plays a significant role in making one cultivate good life skills and practices. Nowadays parents do not spend much quality time with their children as a result the responsibility of shaping the child’s behaviour into a holistic individual has been entrusted upon the teachers. Life skills are a range of psycho-social and cognitive abilities that equip children to make informed decisions and choices, manage their emotional well-being and communicate effectively. It is these skills that make a difference between a good and an outstanding employee, or between being a follower and a leader. The paper attempts to highlight the essential life skills that the students of today’s generation should inculcate to overcome all sorts of challenges in life.