International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2020)

Role of Teacher’s Digital Competence in Teaching

Authors: Vijay Kumar Yadav

Pages: 58-59


In Technological era, digital competence becomes a fundamental competence for teachers. It plays a key role to change and improve the teaching and learning process in the classroom for all. Changing demands of education affects and change the teaching professions so rapidly in broader set of competences than earlier. This concept progressively initiates and develops in schools, classroom and policy. The teacher has responsibility how to develop digital competence in students. Teacher’s role and their perspectives about how they think and what they want to do with technology in the classroom, facilitate the student’s digital competence. Digital competence is person’s ability related to knowledge, attitude, experience and skills concerning her/his interaction with digital media or play active role for personal and professional life. Digital competences enable individual helps to acquire the other competences such as learning to learn, language, mathematics, cultural awareness etc. It is concerns with many key components so it is called 21st century skills. Every teacher requires minimum teaching competences using digital resources in their teaching profession. Thus it is important for all persons to participate actively in economy and all aspects of society for development of nation. This paper presents the need and importance of digital competence in pedagogical context.