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(September 2020)

Crisis Management – A Special Focus on Nestle Maggi Noodles

Authors: Lakshmy Priya M G

Pages: 60-66


A crisis can strike any company anytime, anywhere. Advanced planning is the key to survival. In the present study Role of Social Media on Crisis management – A Special Focus on nestle Maggi noodles invented the role and support provided by the social media to Nestle to bring back their two minute instant noodles in to the market again. Through smart use of social media during the crisis, the brand limited further damage by reassuring and informing customers to encourage them to continue buying the noodles in the future and capture 60% of market share after its relaunch. The study shows that majority of the consumers want Maggi to be in the market and they are willing to buy the same in the future when they proved that there is no harmful Ingredience included in the Maggi after its relaunch.