International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2020)

The Effect of Gender and Socioeconomic Status on Mental Health

Authors: Dr. Sukanya

Pages: 67-70


The principal aim of the present study has to study the effect of gender and socioeconomic status on mental health status of students. Socio Economic conditions have been known to influence health. Health is determined primarily by the individual socioeconomic development. The sample consists of 360 students studying in PU, UG AND PG level. In this study Mental Health Inventory (Jagdish and Srivastava 1988) and Socioeconomic Status Seale (Bhardwaj 1984) were used. The results were subjected to statistical analysis. Results indicates that 1) There is a significant difference between male and female students in their mental health. 2) There is a significant difference in mental health of students belonging to high and low socioeconomic status.3) SES and gender significantly influenced the mental health.