International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2020)

Effectiveness of Multiple Intelligence Based Teaching of Science with Special Reference to Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Variables of VI Class Students

Authors: Dr. Suman Verma

Pages: 1-4


The present experimental study was conducted on a sample of 160 students of class VI of science subject with special reference to cognitive variable (achievement) and non-cognitive variable (attitude) with the help of multiple intelligence based teaching (MIBT). The achievement was measured by the achievement test as developed by the investigator. Data was analyzed by using mean, standard deviation and t test. The attitude was measured by General Science Attitude Scale (GSAS) constructed and standardized by Dr. Mrs. Avinash Grewal, Bhopal. The result show that there is a significant difference in the achievement levels and attitude towards science subject of the students of experimental group and control group. Boys and girls of experimental group and control group differ significantly in their achievement levels and attitude. MIBT proves comparatively effective method of teaching in terms of student’s attitude towards science subject and performance