International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2020)

Unlock Your Self During Lockdown: Cut of your Negativity and Unleash your Positivity

Authors: Ms. Debangana Bhattacharya , Dr. Rita Karmakar

Pages: 9-13


When we perceive a situation negatively, the outcome will be negative and if we perceive it positively, it gives us positive implications. We are forced to live our life under certain restrictions, we are not any more in the charge of controlling our movement, our life is full of instructions, our freedom got restricted or limited. The most common problems reported during this Lockdown are difficulty in managing daily stress and anxiety, frustration, a fear of unknown and uncertainty, coping up with this forced isolation and loneliness, trouble sleeping, eating problem. Some of the recent supporting news update regarding the effect of Covid-19 Pandemic outbreak on our daily life that came into consideration are domestic violence, incidents of abuse and violence faced by children. Children are more vulnerable to abuse and violence during coronavirus lockdowns, says UN expert. This research article mainly focuses on the major psychological approaches like Psychoanalytic Approach, Cognitive Approach, Humanistic Approach to explain the cause behind the ongoing issues emerged due to this sudden COVID-19 pandemic and also emphasises some positive management skills for maintaining a healthy mental health for both adults and children and unlock their self during this time of lockdown.