International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2020)

Satellite-Connected Hotspot for Offline Learning Systems (SCHOOLS): An Innovative Approach for Universal Education

Authors: S Rangarajan

Pages: 14-17


Providing first-rate education for all has remained a challenge. The pandemic has further exacerbated this crisis, particularly in underserved communities. This paper proposes a satellite-enabled delivery scheme for achieving equity in education, without the need for expensive gadgets or broadband connectivity. By riding on the existing satellite channels for TV distribution, it is possible to push centrally controlled, curated content as well as teacher resources on a lesson-by-lesson basis into a compact receiver-server at all the desired locations. Teachers and students can then access the received information on their own devices from a local hotspot. Unlike online classrooms, which are subjected to a digital divide and possible distractions, the proposed scheme makes the preselected learning material available consistently to all, and for use in environments of no connectivity. If this were coupled with the satellite-delivered just in time coaching for the teachers, neither the variance of the teacher skills nor the lack of internet connectivity would hamper the provision of quality education for all.