International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2020)

Shift from Degree Based Education to Skill Based Education: Youth Perspectives and Challenges

Authors: Dr. Anupma Srivastava , Diksha Mishra

Pages: 18-22


As the world steps into a new decade that is Industrial Revolution 4.0, Fourth Industrial Revolution which is a fusion of advances in artificial intelligences, robotics and the internet of things. As per United Nations (UN) population prospects, the youth population (15-29 years) globally stands at 1.8 billion. Out of the total youth in the world, every fifth resides (20 percent) in India (366 million), reflecting the importance of this segment of people in the country. In the past years, the development can be seen in the enrollment of youth in secondary and higher level of education, which has resulted in better-skilled employees and escalation of employment in many developed and developing countries. However, the Periodic Labour Force Survey for the period 2017-18, reported a significant increase in unemployment rates for the data related to youth segment of the population. Why is the unemployment rate consequently increasing in India? To answer this question in this paper, we will study the correlation between the degree based education and its effect on unemployment and will try to see the need for the shift from degree based to skill based education.