International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2020)

Professional Ethics: A Component of Professional Development of The Teachers

Authors: Dr. Ashok Kumar Digal

Pages: 23-26


Professional Ethics is a means to address the wide spread misconduct of the teachers observed in the present schooling system, which can be defined as a set of moral conduct and values of the teachers towards their own students, schools, colleagues, community and profession. It is also an essential component of professional development of teachers in addition to mastery of content knowledge, pedagogical competencies, professional and organisational skills. Professional Ethics can be inculcated in the teachers in the dimensions like subject matter, welfare of the students, relationship with colleagues, students, authority, guardians and community. Code of professional Ethics includes obligation towards students, parents, community and towards their own profession. Strategies like pre-service and in- service training, participation in seminars, conferences and workshops and doing professional courses can be followed to promote ethical values in them. Appropriate reinforcement should be given to the teachers having high moral standard and a controlling mechanism should be followed to reign over the law breakers.