International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2020)

Work Life Blending During Covid 19: Challenges And Remedies For Organizations During Tough Times

Authors: Dr. Neelam Kalla , Dr. Hemlata Joshi

Pages: 27-29


The unexpected Covid 19 pandemic has left everyone in a state of devastation and despair. Fear, uncertainty, insecurity is on rise amongst the masses. Many people have lost their lives and many have lost their livelihoods. The atmosphere around is not very promising as presently no one can say when the life will come back to normal. The conventional systems are challenged an everywhere there is a demand for keeping the systems ready for future pandemics too. In this scenario there are certain lessons this pandemic has taught and pushed everyone towards a different life which itself pushes one towards stress. The paper focuses on the analysis of the scope for work life blending, the causes of stress due to new working conditions and some recommendations for organizations to reap the benefits of technology in the form of work life blending practices.