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(December 2020)

Innovative Methods for Developing Innovation Skills

Authors: Priyanka Verma

Pages: 34-39


In present scenario, innovation is the need to develop our country. As Kothari commission (1964-66) also focused on innovation. According to Kothari Commission we should continuously update ourselves with the latest technology, innovations and changes that are taking place in the world. And to encourage innovations, universities and higher education institutes have to set up innovation clubs on their campus. For this there is need to develop and follow some innovative methods in teaching. To promote the innovation, government of India has set up the Atal Innovation Mission at National Institute for transforming India (NITI) Aayog with the aim to create an environment of scientific temperament, innovation, creativity among Indian students. It is a step towards new India. As we know that education is a powerful instrument to change the society and to develop our country.So, this is the need to improve the quality of education and it is depending on the quality of teachers. A qualitative teacher is who would be able to inculcate the skills of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication, and collaboration in students. To develop qualitative teachers, teacher training program should be effective and based on innovative methods. Innovative methods are those, which can be inculcate innovation skills in the pupil teachers as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication, and collaboration. In this paper innovative methods and innovation skills would be discussed which would be effective in Indian context.