International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2021)

Best Practices for Creating a Meaningful Classroom

Authors: Pummy Sheoran

Pages: 80-84


Education is a systematic process of providing knowledge, skills, values, and experiences that prepare an individual for life, work, responsible citizenship, and meaningful contribution to the community. The very fact that quality and quantity of learning depends not only on what is taught but how it is taught mandates that best practices are used in educational institutes at all levels for creating meaningful learning outcomes. The society is in a state of constant flux, so are its demands on the educational system. Whatever was deemed as effective yesterday may not be as effective today, whatever is considered as best today, may not be the same tomorrow. It, therefore, becomes very pertinent that innovative ways of enhancing the quality in education are discussed, explored, researched and practiced. The paper attempts at discussing some of the best approaches in education that can be used to produce quality results for a meaningful life. Pedagogical tools and practices that can creatively and meaningfully engage the learner and stimulate critical and creative thinking are discussed in the paper. The aim is to foster such approaches that would create a generation of creative thinkers and problem solvers that meet the skill requirements of the globalized world and are at the same time socially and ethically responsible members of the society.