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(June 2021)

A Study on Implementation of Schemes under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan for Children with Special Needs in Government Schools of District Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh


Dr. Prakash Sankhyan

Pages: 1-6


Concept ‘special needs education’ has a specific meaning i.e. needs of the ‘Children With Special Needs’ (CWSNs) which is

considered as right and ensured through specific policies and access to education compared to most children of the same age. he

special educational needs are referred to the children who have learning difficulties or disabilities that hinder their learning and

access to education compared to most children of the same age. The CWSN may need different or additional support from what is

provided to other children of the same age. The additional support may not be uniform to everyone and at all times. It depends on the nature of the problems they face, such as difficulties in thinking, understanding, learning, emotional and behavioral difficulties, physical and sensory difficulties and, difficulties with speech and language. Understanding special educational needs of the children is necessary to facilitate appropriate e measures to include the CWSN in schools; otherwise, the school curriculum excludes children with disabilities from education.