International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2021)

Attitude of Rural Undergraduate Students Towards Online Learning


Dr. Neeti Bhola

Pages: 19-22


E-learning is an advanced form of distance education. Expansion of internet facilities along with e-learning resources has given

a boost to e-learning scenarios all over the world. Online education became the need of the time when the Corona virus

pandemic affected the educational settings regardless of the boundaries of countries and continents. Online education has been

adopted as the best alternative of classroom teaching. In India, the online learning system was supported and advocated by the

government. Present study was conducted in order to understand the attitude of students towards e-learning. Students from

under-graduate courses of rural colleges were selected and their attitude was measured. Results of the study revealed that

students have moderate attitude towards online learning and testing. High positive attitude was found for observed benefits of elearning.

The reported difficulties were slow internet, lack of smart phones and laptops and difficulty to concentrate in virtual