International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2021)

Manufacturing Exceptional Performance: A Review of Skilled Memory Theory


Nikhat Parveen

Pages: 58-61


Skilled memory theory explains how exceptional performance can be developed in any area of academic study, profession,

vocational skill, and sports; long-term working memory explains about the cognitive structures and their attendant processes

that form the underlying basis for the development of exceptional performance; and the framework of deliberate practice

describes the systematic methods for development of skilled memory and long-term working memory in any domain.

Ericsson and his colleagues show that normal adults, with consistent practice over the duration of some years, can achieve

exceptional performance in a particular domain, and that they are not endowed with some extraordinary cognitive structures

and processes, but share the same that are common to all the populace. Expert memory is demonstrated as an outcome of expert

performance in a domain of expertise which is called the skilled memory.

These three interrelated theoretical constructs have inspired and guided a number of researchers and practitioners in many

areas to investigate their respective domains in a systematic and empirical manner and design and implement interventions to

improve the students and participants performances.