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(September 2021)

National Policy of Education 2020: Features of National Policy of Education & Role of Teacher


Dr. Shiv Kumar Srivastava , Dr. Pramod Kumar Rajput

Pages: 1-3


The National training strategy 2019 imagines an Indian-focused instruction framework that contributes straightforwardly to

changing our country economically into an impartial and energetic information society, by giving great schooling to all. The

present reasonable examination paper is to consider the targets of National Education Policy 2019, highlights and part of

instructors with prime points (I) To comprehend the essential component of NPE 2020. (ii) To examine the Features of NPE

2020. (iii) To examine the part of educators according to NPE 2020. (iv) To examine the fundamental perceptions identified with

NPE 2020.The present reasonable paper dependent on the NPE 2020: Features of NEP and Role of Teacher. The current paper

centers around the essential components of public instruction strategy 2019. The current paper talks about the Features of NPE

2020. The current paper centers around part of educators for country building. The current paper contemplates the National

approaches and the interrelation to the educators. Additionally the current paper zeroed in on job of instructor, as a Teacher is to

shape the personalities of the more youthful age. The understudies educator communication is very critical in the new schooling

time. Additionally study the a few perceptions identified with NPE 2020.