International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2021)

Electronic Education in Disability Sector: A Preliminary Report based on Special Educators’ Perspectives


Anindita Majumdar , Rita Karmakar , Prama Das , Oindrilla Ghosh

Pages: 4-7


Electronic education (e-education) has emerged as a novel teaching-learning pedagogy during COVID times. Researches that

are going on and have been published, mostly cater to the general education. Perspectives of e-education in special education/

disability sector remains an unexplored area, especially in Indian context. This study has tried to bridge the gap by

understanding special educators’ perspectives regarding e-education in disability sector. Qualitative interview technique was

adopted for data collection purpose. An in-depth analysis was conducted following thematic method for data analysis and report

generation. The work observed a gap in the areas of awareness, practice, training, and resource accessibility on part of the

special educators’, while imparting e-education to disabled/ special need students. This report has made few suggestions and

recommendations in spheres of further researches, training, technological support, and development on e-education that can

benefit special need teaching-learning community of India in post-COVID era.