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(September 2021)

Different Art to Sustain the Culture of the Nation


Nirbhay Kumar Trigun

Pages: 12-14


The process of nation building is possible through social construction and person building, because a person builds a society

and a nation is formed from that society itself.

Humans, animals, animals, all living and non-living things have their own developmental process, the same process is its

expression in the form of travel.

The expression is concerned with expressing one's feelings to a person according to the requirement, as well as another

expression which gives rise to a formative process, that expression is possible both in the society or in the individual form.

The construction of art and its forms is also a form of this expression, from the age of Adam to the modern age, the way humans

collect food resources, from the journey of luxury to the manufacture of things, from stone tools to air-conditioned rooms It is


The history of Indian art forms is Vedic and according to these Vedic traditions, it is known to us that the description of sixty-four

art forms are available in the forms of architectural art, writing, singing, playing, drama, etc. which directly and indirectly affect

the cultural of a nation. Has been instrumental in strengthening the legacy.

The maturity of any society and individual is attested by the art and its forms prevailing in that society, which reflects the

contribution of the art forms to the nation building.