International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2021)

Body Image Dissatisfaction in Young Adults: Impact of Social Media Use


Dr. Nidhi Roy Choudhury , Vishnu Nethra Reddy. N

Pages: 15-18


Social media websites perpetuate unrealistic body ideals, reinforcing toxic beauty standards that shape body image perception

of users. Body dissatisfaction, negative perceptions towards one’s own body image, may originate from perceived pressure to

curate an ideal appearance. Images promoting an unattainable body ideal on social media may be internalized by its users,

leading to lowered self-esteem and self-worth. The impact may manifest as increased body surveillance, emphasis on evaluation

of self by physical features and a predisposition to the onset of eating disorders. Comparisons centering on appearance,

internalization of a body ideal and body dissatisfaction have been reported to vary based on user profile and activity on social

media platform. The review aims to study the differential impact social media usage plays in contributing to body image

dissatisfaction based on user profile data (male/female). The scope of the review includes understanding the relationship, if any,

between the duration of social media use and body image perception in young adults.