International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2021)

Proper Identification and Educational Provision for Exceptional Children


Mr. Bodising Narah , Dr. Lima Boruah

Pages: 19-24


We are human being. As we human being we know that children differ from each other in a variety of ways. They differ from each

other physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Children may be so distributed that a majority of them may be

classified as average or normal. There may also be a few children who may be found to deviate mentally, socially, educationally

or physically from the normal children to quite an appreciable extent. Such children distinctly require proper identification and

special educational care and their adjustment problems have to be tackled in a specialized manner. These deviated children are

often designated as exceptional children. In this study paper we would like to clearly express that about the concept,

identification of exceptional children and its nature, types, problems and educational provision as per needs. As methodology we

have used secondary data and required information are collected from different secondary sources.