International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

(Print and Online Peer Reviewed Journal)

Print - ISSN: 2349 - 0853
e - ISSN: 2279 - 0179


(September 2021)

Impact of Online Education on the Mental Health of Students


Dr. Anupam Karmakar

Pages: 28-31


Conventionally, Indian students were accustomed to the offline mode of learning. However, a massive pandemic named COVID-

19 broke out in the month of March 2020 in the Indian subcontinent forcing the government to implement a series of nationwide

lockdowns. This has disrupted the normal lifestyle and forced people, especially the students to stay at home and pursue their

learning via online mode. The study tries to draw some light upon the actual psychological condition of the school-goers after

participating in the e-learning process for over a year. The survey also tries to predict the future outcomes and possibilities, if the

same kind of online learning methodology is continued in upcoming days. This study has been conducted with primary data in

the form of an online survey through Google form. It was conducted with a pre-formed survey questionnaire. Secondary sources

like books, magazines, journals, the internet, etc. were used wherever required. The time period of this study covers March 2020

to March 2021. Finally the paper concludes that the online learning methodology has shown a strong trend towards negativity in

the Indian subcontinent.