International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2021)

Art Interpretation of Gender Stereotypes amongst Youth


Aarshi Saini , Tamanna Saxena

Pages: 52-61


Since the time we take birth, we all are being taught to socialise in an appropriate manner, to understand our gender-roles of

either being a boy or a girl. In childhood only, people eventually develop their bias viewpoints about these gender-roles and their

meaning in our society. As and when these children grow up these biases against the gender and the gender-specific beliefs and

viewpoints become stronger. These strong beliefs and viewpoints that exist in the society are the gender stereotypes which are

described as the core beliefs that people hold about the characteristics of the specific genders, males and females. People’s

language has a great role to play in identifying and understanding their perceptions and beliefs about gender stereotypes and

their strength. Through the language , people unconsciously reveal about the gender stereotypes they hold. Art and drawing

have the ability to bring out the unconscious of an individual which they might have not been able to identify or express otherwise

in language or actions. Similarly, drawings made by the people have the ability to express the gender stereotypes that are held by

them either consciously or unconsciously. Both males and females have their own different views about gender stereotyping. The

present study focuses on identifying these perceptions as well views of people about the gender stereotyping and the effects it may

have on them and the society through their drawings as well as their responses to a few open-ended survey questions. Its an

explorative study utilising surveys and evaluation of the drawings. Sample consisted of 20 males and females. The study

highlighted consideration of gender stereotyping as fixed gender roles, gender differences, gender biases or discrimination. A

major belief pertained to gender stereotypes having an adverse effect on the youth as well as our society.