International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2021)

Students’ Perception Towards Efficacy of Online Classes in Tirupur District


Dr. G. Kavitha

Pages: 62-66


In the post-Covid 19 period, it is decided by the policy makers, school and college administrators, teachers, parents and students

did not want to stop the learning since the institutions are shut down due to Covid 19. In order to continue the education, the

educational institutions have transformed the traditional classroom teaching into online classes. Consequently, the students

are able to learn the subjects simply by sitting at their homes. However, the efficiency of online classes has been debated by

various stakeholders at different platforms. Under these circumstances, the present study has made a humble investigation of

determinants of efficacy of online classes. Accordingly, the teachers’ role, students’ cooperation and contribution of pedagogy

and tools have been considered as predictors and a model has been developed to identify the predictors of efficacy of online

classes. The results showed that the teachers’ role is prime and prominent in determining the efficacy of online classes. The

students also have to realize their responsibility in extending their fullest cooperation to make the online classes effective as

predicted by the model developed in this study. Apart from these living beings, pedagogy and tools also play a vital role in

improving the efficiency of online classes. The researcher has offered recommendations to enhance the efficacy of online classes