International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2021)

Study on Women Empowerment Through Higher Education During COVID-19 Pandemic in India


Virpari Dipikaben Khengarbhai , Kalpesh Sargani

Pages: 79-82


The highest function of education is to bring about an integrated individual who is capable of dealing with life as a whole.

Education of woman is the most powerful means to change the position in society. Education is serves as important instrument

for empowerment of women. The impact of pandemic COVID-19 is observed in every sector around the world. The closure of

schools, colleges and universities interrupts the teaching for students. The education sector has been fighting to survive the

crises with a different approach. Women education is already an issue in India and during COVID-19 Pandemic this issue

becomes burning. Women have been able to establish their potentialities but no of such women are less. The real empowerment

of women is possible with the help of education only.