International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2021)

Perceived Stress, Mindfulness and Well-being among Adolescents


Shashikant Hari Khalane , Mrs. Sonali Shantaram Bagul

Pages: 6-9


Stress is an inevitable part of an individual’s life. A person interprets environmental events based on their values and resources

and reacts physiologically, psychologically, and behaviorally. This study aims to explore the relationship of perceived stress,

mindfulness and well-being. The purposive sampling technique was used for this study. 141 High school going students (73

boys and 68girls, N= 141) whose age group ranged from 14 to 17 years was selected for the present study. Based on the nature of

the problem and objectives for the present research, two randomized groups and correlation design was used.

The tools used in the present research were perceived stress scale by Sheldon Cohen, The cognitive and affective mindfulness

scale by Feldman, et al. And Adolescent well-being test by Margaret, et al. Finding shows that Girls are more perceived stress

than boys. Boys are greater mindful qualities than girls. First-order children’s are more perceived stress than second-order

children. Mindfulness was significantly and negatively correlated with perceived stress. Mindfulness was significantly

positively correlated with well-being. Perceived stress was significantly and negatively correlated with well-being.