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(December 2021)

On The Change of Consumer Behaviour in the use of Finger Millet in the Daily Food System with Special Reference to Kolar District, Karnataka State


Devarajappa S. N. [

Pages: 10-11


Ragi is the main source of food for the poor people especially in rural Southern Karnataka. It is called in nick name as

BADAVARA GANJI in the olden days. By this all the below poverty line people were using this millet in their daily food system.

But now a days the use of Ragi in the daily food system has been changed. Even though most of the farmers are growing Ragi as a

major agricultural crop, they opt to use other food grains like rice and wheat in the daily food system. The purpose of this study

is to through light on the change of consumer behaviour regarding the use of Ragi in the daily food system.