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(December 2021)

A Study on the Environmental Awareness of Students Studying at Secondary Level in Government Schools of South Sikkim


Dr. Dona Rai , Ms. Parumita Rai 

Pages: 28-31


We all are grateful for what our environment has and is giving us for our survival. It is much needed to transfer this knowledge to

younger generation and so incorporation of environmental awareness is important in school curriculum so that students are

made aware and will be able to develop positive attitude towards it. Further, they will be able to gain knowledge on ways of

sustaining the environment. Hence, this paper is an attempt to understand the attitude of students of Government Secondary

School towards environmental protection and the level of awareness they have on the impact of environmental degradation. For

this, Environment Ability Awareness Measure (EAAM) was used which was constructed and standardized by P. K. Jha (1998).