International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2021)

Impact of Skill Training on Behaviour, Performance & Grooming of Children


Dr. Shruti Marwaha , Veena , Nafisa Bhinderwala , Geetika Nanda 

Pages: 32-38


Childhood is a precious stage in human life span. It is believed that childhood is the storehouse of habit formation and value

integration. It is the right time to develop a strong character among children. It is no less than mandatory to identify the

capabilities and potentials of the child at the early times. In early life, children must get the opportunity to explore themselves

and ameliorate their lives to make it more impactful and enriching. Life is a science that provides an equivalent chance to all

individuals; however utilizing these chances to accelerate the overall development among children is more of an art. The inhand

research study was conducted on a sample of 339 children. Sample was divided into two groups: control and the

experimental group. The pre test and pre survey was conducted on the subjects of both the groups, following which the

intervention was taken-up only with the experimental group members. Primary and secondary data were analyzed through the

apt statistical methods. Eventually the post test and post-survey was conducted on the entire sample. It was found that the

subjects in the experimental group excelled in all the areas of intervention. However, a minimal change was observed among

those in the control group. Consequently, it can be ascertained that the factors in question, i.e. competitive edge, family

bonding, maturity, scientific temperament, self confidence, manners and etiquette, knowledge of science behind how the things

work, memory, personality, mathematics and innovation bent of mind are the vital aspects of child development.