International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2021)

Effect of Co-operative Learning on Achievement Motivation and Prosocial Behaviour of Secondary School Students: An Experimental Study


Md. Fahim Alam , Dr. Zafar Iqbal Zaidi

Pages: 39-45


Better Achievement is only possible when the students are motivated with sound prosocial behaviour. It is in fact students need Motivation for their Academic and Behaviour development. This Study was focussed on Achievement motivation and Prosocial behaviour of Secondary School Students, and they how are affected by Cooperative learning approach. The Population of the study was Secondary School Students while the sample were 71 Students selected random sampling. The researcher used Quasi-Experimental method of non-equivalent group design. Two sections of ninth standard participated in the experiment, one section was taken as Experimental group in which Co-operative Learning method applied and another section taken as control group It is found that the effect of Co-operative learning method is significant on Prosocial behaviour and Achievement Motivation. By the present research it is considered that Prosocial behaviour of Boys and Achievement Motivation of girls are positive and significant difference was found in terms of gender.