International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2021)

Effect of Presence of Intellectually Disabled Child on The Emotional Development of Normal Siblings


Dr. Simi Shrivastava

Pages: 46-49


Intellectual disability is not a disease or a simple entity. It is a term applied to a condition of retarded mental development

present at birth or in early childhood and is characterized mainly by limited intelligence.

The upbringing of Intellectual disability in the family calls for a variety of emotional stresses and stress adjustment related to

child's disability and these are not restricted to only parents alone. Siblings too form an integral part of family where in the

emotional stress, adjustments are also reflected on them which hinder their emotional development. The effect of presence of

intellectually disabled child in the family on emotional development of the normal siblings of disabled was studied. Emotional

maturity scale was used to ascertain the emotional development of SMDC group and SNC group and it was found that SMDC

group was lesser emotionally developed than SNC group.