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(December 2021)

Significant Role of Guidance and Counselling for Special Learners


Mr. Ranjit Taku

Pages: 54-57


We are human being. As human being man needs guidance throughout our life. So in that sense guidance is a lifelong process and

he or she needs it even from his or her infancy. Especially he learns everything from society and the society guides the individual

to learn, to adjust oneself to the physical and social environment. Likewise counselling is the intimate and vital part of entire

guidance. Counselling helps every individual student to make more effective adjustments to the environment in which he or she

lives. Actually special learners are those who standout as a distinct set from other students in a class and therefore require

special attention. Special learners in institutions may be classified like as Gifted, Creative, Slow learners and learners with

learning difficulty. If we wants to overall development of the special learners then as a teacher as well as a parent must proper

guide and counsel in proper time. In my analyzing paper would like to express about the concept, nature of guidance and

counselling and special learners. Also an attempt has been made to significant role of guidance and counselling for overall

development of the special learners.