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(March 2022)

New Education Policy 2020: A New Ray for the Education


Shweta Verma

Pages: 1-2


New Education Policy 2020 has brought a new ray of education in India. The right to education gives us the right to educate

ourselves as well as our next generation. This is a fundamental right and education is the key to achieving full human potential.

To promote global education government has brought remarkable change in the current education system, which is known as

NEP-2020. To provide quality education to their citizens' the Indian Government has drafted the frame of a new education

policy. Though the way is too long to achieve because the country has the highest population. But soon India will have the highest

young population in the world over the next decade, and in this competitive world high-quality education and practical

knowledge will give opportunities to them to sustain in this world But the road is too long to reach its destination. There are

challenges and hurdles to overcome from them. What the previous policies did not have and what this NEP has, which prove it is

better than previous policies? How to implement all the plans? What opportunity will we get after following this? These are some

questions, and the answer must be found out to prove the worth of the new change in our education system.