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(March )

Emerging Health Issues and Psychology


Vibha Madan

Pages: 7-13


Health psychology is concerned with the different types of ways to promote health by all means and to avoid and prevent illness.

Health psychologists both study such issues like why people fall prey to drugs and smoking when they already know the negative

effects of them and promote interventions to help people stay well or get over illness. There is increasing evidence that much of

the illness and mortality is caused by lifestyles and health damaging behaviour. Also there is increasing acceptance that

individuals themselves are responsible for their own health. People are getting more aware of the bio medical health care

systems but now this concept of heath is changing, more focus is now on bio- psychological model. According to Bio-

Psychological Social Model( BPSM) health is the result of the interplay of various social, biological and psychological factors,

whereas the Biomedical model does not consider the social and psychological factors but the imbalance of various

neurotransmitters, enzymes, abnormal somatic process and various neurophysiologic abnormalities as reason for illness. Using

descriptive research, this paper suggests the reasons why people fall ill and when they fall ill how they respond to it , how

individuals can stay healthy and how psychological factors influence all these activities.