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March )

Study on the School Children Under Different Strata, in Different Situations: Analyze the Characteristics and Compare with Jean Piaget Theory of Cognitive Development


Dr. Temsurenla

Pages: 14-19


Learning is a process of acquiring new or modifying existing behaviourskills, value or performance. The ability to learn is

possessed by all human beings, whereas a child ability to learn is affected by various factors such as gender, socio-economic

conditions, etc. It also depends upon the child’s stages of development. Educational Psychologists has developed a number of

theories and concept relevant to classroom learning. These Psychological Theories suggest different ways of childs

development. It provides a model to understand human thought, emotions, and behaviour which is helpful in solving problems

and in handling individual differences. Jean Piaget ‘s theory of cognitive development states that children moves through

different stages of mental development. this theory focus not only on understanding how children acquire knowledge but also on

understanding the nature of intelligence. The purpose of conducting the school-based activity is to test the cognitive

development of pupils, on the basis of Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development which was carried out in Government High

School Dilong, Mokokchung, Mayangnokcha Government Higher Secondary School, Senayangba Government Higher

secondary school, GMS Yimyu and Children English School, Mokokchung. The school based activity covers Elementary,

Secondary and Higher secondary students belonging to age group of 12 years and above. This school based activity was done as

a part of B.Ed curriculum where school students from different Strata, socio-economic background were identified and

conducted a several tests to know the cognitive level of students at formal operational and concrete operational stage of Jean

Piaget theory of cognitive development at elementary, secondary and higher secondary level. The activity or the test conducted

with the students includes Logical tests, problem solving test, Reasoning test, Abstract Imagination, etc. This activity help

teachers realized that curriculum should be developed in accordance with child’s cognitive level and also plan teaching

methodologies and innovative activities according to their stages of development. It help teachers to recognize the factors

effecting the cognitive development of the learners.