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March )

Evaluating the Factors Influencing Child Development and Strategies used by Educators in Teaching Low-performance Children in an International Preschool


Gurdip Kaur , Saminder Singh

Pages: 20-29


Child development entails the psychological, emotional and biological adjustments that occur in human beings between birth

and the ending of adolescence. A child's life, from conception to few years of early ages, are considered the most significant

developmental period. Various factorsinfluence child development. This case-based study which was qualitative in nature

applied the triangulation of data sources to investigate the factors influencing child development and strategies used by

educators in teaching low-performance children in an international preschool. Based on the findings from in-depth interviews,

social media analysis, and comparative analysis of previous literature reviews, six major themes were developed and discussed participants’

background; factors that influence child’s development; importance of familiarizing with the concept of child

development for teachers; teaching children with low academic performance; teaching children in mixed-ability classrooms;

and major constraints to support low-performance children in school.