International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2022)

Role of Yoga Program in Enhancing Yoga Self-efficacy of Employees in Healthcare Industry During Covid: An Empirical Study


Dr. Monika Soni

Pages: 36-39


The adverse impact of Covid-19 can be felt at all spheres of life. It has not only affected people physically but also adversely

affected the mental and emotional health. Healthcare providers are one of the most prominent group affected psychologically

with the pandemic situation as they continuously provide their help and care to the patients. Thus, it is important to heal the

physical and mental health of the healthcare providers regularly. The present study aims at examining the yoga self-efficacy of

employees in healthcare industry through intervention of yoga program. A yoga program of fifteen days was conducted at five

different healthcare institute of Udaipur district. The respondents were asked to fill the yoga self-efficacy scale (YSES) on the

first day of the program. After completion of the program, the respondents were asked to again fill the yoga self-efficacy scale.

236 data were collected through structured questionnaire. SPSS21 was used to test the reliability and validity of the YSES. The

hypothesis was analyzed using paired t test in SPSS21. The results shows that there is significant positive difference in the selfefficacy

of employees who attended the yoga program for fifteen days. The results were supported the previous literature and

makes three major contributions. First, it explores the intervention of yoga program in healthcare industry and examines the

need of the same during the covid situation. Second, it suggests that inculcating yoga in daily life helps in improving the body

movement, mind and breath of the individuals. Third, it calls for the healthcare management to induce such intervention

strategies on regular basis.