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(March )

Parents’ Awareness and Experience on Functioning of Police in Juvenile Justice System with Reference to Boys in Conflict with Law


Anshit Baxi

Pages: 49-52


Child in conflict with law is child under the age of 18 years who are alleged of committing a crime. Children involved in criminal

activities are a neglected population within larger vulnerable categories of children. Police are the first stakeholders with whom

child and his parent communicate after the crime incident. Dealing of police with child and his parent has been a matter of

concern. Juvenile Justice System that caters to child in conflict with law endorses child friendly approach. The researcher

attempts to capture parents’ awareness and experience with Police dealing with children as per the Juvenile Justice Act and


The National Records Crime Bureau indicated that boys outnumber girls in committing offense, and majority of children are

living with their parents. Mumbai in India ranked third in children committing crime Thus, the universe of this study was parents

of boys in conflict with law in Mumbai. The researcher used simple random sampling technique for selecting 150 respondents.

Findings revealed that Parents had low awareness about functioning of Police in Juvenile Justice System. 78.7% were not

satisfied with their first interaction with Police. One of finding showed that there was statistically significant variation in

awareness among the respondents in relation to their varying levels of education.