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(March 2022)

STEM Approach and 21st Century Skills: Attitude of Secondary School Students of Kerala


Noufal P.

Pages: 53-56


The purpose of this study was to investigate the attitude towards Science, Mathematics, engineering and technology, and 21st

century skills of secondary school students of Kerala. Normative survey method was used for the study. 140 participants from

Malappuram district of Kerala was participated in this study. “High School Student Attitudes toward STEM survey by Friday

Institute for Educational Innovation”, was the tool used and which is in an five point likerts scale mode. Attitude towards STEM

and 21st century skills with respect to gender was studied. Findings showed that girls have higher attitude towards science and

mathematics, where as boys have higher attitude in engineering and technology. STEM education approach is becoming

popular in India. It can be useful at various levels of education starting from primary level to higher education. Student’s attitude

and interests will be a crucial factor while implementing these kinds of innovative teaching approaches. They are the ultimate

beneficiaries of it and will be useful for their career. Students and teachers should have a positive attitude towards the STEM

approach. In addition to the mastery over the content, present generation student’s wishes to acquire the necessary 21st century

skills also.