International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2017)

B.Ed Learners of Achievement in Relation to Their Anxiety with Gender, Methodology and Locality


Dr. K. C. Shankaraiah

Pages: 62-65


The study has been investigated on “B.Ed students of Achievement in relation to their Anxiety with Gender, Methodology and Locality variables”. The Investigator found that the relationship between the Achievement and Anxiety levels with Gender ,Methodology and locality. The sample could take on 400 B.Ed students equally distributed between two Genders and four types of Methodologies .in chittoor (dt). Achievement of B.Ed Student-Teachers irrespective of their level of Anxiety has shown low.

However, There was a significant difference between the levels of Achievement of the three groups of student-teachers. It concluded that there exists a Negative relationship between Anxiety and Achievement, which is also an expected one. Gender and locality refers to that there was not significant. Gender indicates that both male and female student-teachers had similar level of Achievement , it means that both categories of student-teachers had less achievement in their course . Locality implies that the t-test was not significant. It indicating that the locality of student-teachers did not have any influence on their achievement and Methodology reveals that the correlation is a significant. It denotes that there exists a positive relationship between Methodology and Achievement .