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(June )

Guided Offline Approach to Learning (GOAL): Demonstration of Success in Class 10 Results from a Rural School in South India


S. Rangarajan

Pages: 31-36


Providing first-rate education for everyone is necessary to reap the demographic dividend for countries like India, but has

remained a stiff challenge to achieve. For students in rural areas, successfully completing their first public examination at the

end of class X, referred to as Senior School Leaving Certificate (SSLC), is an important landmark. Unfortunately, the pandemic

seriously affected the schooling system for nearly two academic years. Thus a majority of students in the under served

communities were ill prepared to take this examination in March 2022.

In this context, a special intervention, namely, Guided Offline Approach to Learning (GOAL), was implemented in a school

catering to village students near Bengaluru, India. This intervention was introduced to the first batch of first generation students

for a limited period. It resulted in improving the overall class performance on the final exam by 21.2% with reference to a

baseline performance just 5 weeks prior, without altering the dispersion in the data. This paper discusses the scheme, the

implementation details and quantifies the achieved successes. It also presents the lessons learned and the way forward if such

initiatives are to be scaled up.