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(June 2022)

Role of Life Skill Education in Mitigating the Crisis Faced by People Owing to Covid-19 Pandemic


Dr. Md. Siddique Hossain

Pages: 39-42


Life Skills Education is a form of education that focuses on cultivating personal life skills such as self-reflection, critical

thinking, problem solving and interpersonal skills. The United Nations International Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF)

defines life skills based education as basically being behaviour change or behaviour development. Generally the term life skills

refers to a group of psycho-social and interpersonal skills which can help people make informed decisions, communicate

effectively, and think critically. Life skills are empowering skills that enable people to cope with the changes and challenges of

life. Strengthening life skills helps students to meet the challenges and risks, maximize opportunities and solve problems in cooperative,

non-violent ways. At present life skill education may appear as a very important non-pharmaceutical instrument to

fight against COVID-19. In the light of this, people are becoming habituated with this new normal situation owing to pandemic

with their basic skills of life and knowledge and it can be done in a very systematic manner through life skill education. The entire

globe is going through the under crisis, Where the unemployment, lack of job security, anxiety, mental Illness, etc. due to the

COVID- 19 pandemic. This new challenge requires immediate and effective responses from a socially responsible system of

education. However, it has been felt that life skills education bridges the gap between basic functioning and capabilities. It

strengthens the ability of an individual to meet the needs and demands of the present society and helps in dealing with the above

issues in a manner to get desired behavior practical. Imparting life skill training through inculcating life skill education will help

people to overcome such difficulties in life. The present discourse will focus on the above mentioned issue through the article

entitled as “Role of Life Skill Education in Mitigating the Crisis Faced by People Owing to Covid-19 Pandemic”.