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(June 2022)

The B.Ed. Internship Programme: Through the Eyes of the Practicing Schools


T. Alemla Longkumer , Dr. Anjali Karmakar 

Pages: 43-48


Internship or Practice Teaching, is an important aspect of the B.Ed. programme, that provides the ground for converting

theoretical knowledge into practice. The introduction of the Two-Year B.Ed. programme in India, by the NCTE in 2014, had

increased the duration of the Internship programme to 20 weeks, of which 16 weeks was for Internship in Practicing Schools.

The scope of the Internship programme was also significantly enhanced. But while the engagement of schools for Practice

Teaching, had been one of the major problems even under the 1-Year B.Ed. programme, the increased duration would, without

doubt, aggravate the problem. While research on Teacher Education has, over the years, studied problems pertaining to

Practice Teaching/Internship, from the perspective of Teacher Education Institutions, student teachers and teacher educators,

limited studies have taken the perspectives of the Practicing Schools, though some of the major identified problems pertaining to

Practice Teaching/Internship, are related to the Practicing Schools. Hence, this study has focused on the problems of

Internship/Practice Teaching, from the point of view of the Practicing Schools identified by Secondary Teacher Education

Institutions, in the state of Nagaland, India.