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(September )

Psychological Resilience of Unorganized Sector Workers During Covid-19 Pandemic


N. T. Bhanu Priya , P. J. Nanditha , K. Sathyamurthi

Pages: 1-4


COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown strategy has affected everyone around the globe. Due to non-functioning of

economic activities, because of announcement of lockdown in India, workers of unorganized sector had to suffer from several

issues and hardship. Many workers in this sector had to lose their jobs that led to several socio - economic problems. It is

important to understand the psycho-social conditions of unorganized sector workers during this vulnerable situation.

Psychological resilience is capability of a person to recover from trauma and stress. Resilient persons experience positive

emotions even within the mid of stressful events, understand the advantages related to positive emotions, and use this data to

their advantage when addressing negative emotional events.. This study aims to study the Psychological resilience among the

unorganised sector workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data was collected among 63 respondents using an interview

schedule in the vegetable market of Oddanchatram, Tamil Nadu. Psychological resilience was measured using the Brief

Resilience Scale (BRS) which has 6 questions to measure the level of resilience. The resilience levels were classified into low,

normal and high level of resilience. It was found that nearly half of the respondents have a high level of resilience. Psychological

resilience is a least studied concept in Indian context. It should be further studied to handle future pandemics and develop

preventive strategies for better mental health.