International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2022)

Instructional Leadership Practices Among Secondary School Teachers in Adola Town of Guji Zone


Mr. Asfaw Gelaw Nefa , Dr. Pechetty Svr Babu

Pages: 5-10


This research was aimed at studying the extent to which the teachers’ practices instructional leadership in secondary schools of

Adola town, Guji zone. In order to address the objectives of the study, a descriptive survey research design was employed. The

positivist philosophical assumption was followed to study the problem. Quantitative research approach was used because only

quantitative data collected via closed ended questionnaire. The target sample of the study were 48 teachers and 6 principals

were selectedas a sample using simple random and census sampling techniques respectively. Data collected from respondents

was analyzed and interpreted using mean, one sample t-test, and weighted mean by using SPSS software version25. The finding

revealed that, among the instructional leadership functions, instructional leaders’ role in supervising and evaluation of

instruction, protecting instructional time, monitoring students’ progress, maintain high visibility, coordinate curriculum,

framing school goals seemed to be at a better level. Whereas, promoting professional development, providing incentive for

teachers, and incentive for students were significantly low performed. Based on the findings, it is concluded that, instructional

leadership practices in the town seem to be practiced to certain extent but not adequate. Thus, it is recommended that there

should be leadership development strategy to develop leadership skills on the part of school principals through seminars,

workshops and trainings on the practices of effective instructional leadership outlined in this study. Moreover, it is advisable if

the concerned body of establish professional developments schemes so that the leaders will improve their skills continuously.

Therefore, the school principals are advised to develop an instructional leadership development plan paying attention to their

own leadership development so that they improve their leadership skills to influence their schools.