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(September )

The Effect of Locus of Control on Academic Procrastination Among Undergraduate Students


Sonali Panda , Dr. Pankaj Singh

Pages: 15-19


The present study was conducted to see the level of academic procrastination and the effect of locus of control on academic

procrastination among undergraduate students. The participants of the study were 115 final-year undergraduate students of the

Electrical Department of VSSUT, Odisha. The cluster sampling method was used for selecting samples. The data were analyzed

using the mean, Standard Deviations, Pearson product-moment correlation, and linear regression. The findings of the study

revealed that the level of academic procrastination of 51.30% or 59 students out of 115 final-year undergraduate students shows

a higher level of academic procrastination. It was also observed that among the respondent’s internal and external locus of

control, the internal locus of control has lower academic procrastination as compared with the external locus of control having

higher academic procrastination. Thus, it indicates that locus of control correlates positively with academic procrastination.