International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September )

Experience of Academic Anxiety Among Higher Secondary Students in the Context of Covid-19 Pandemic


Merin Biju , Dr. Aiswarya V. R. , Dr. Padma Kumari

Pages: 20-26


Academic anxiety is not something new and is still a crucial factor that affects students and their well-being. This study

investigates higher secondary school students’ experience with academic anxiety and its factors, which could facilitate the

reduction of academic anxiety. The pandemic has created a topsy-turvy situation in the education field where the new learning

mode has brought new challenges for educational institutions and their students. The data collection methods used for this

qualitative study were semi-structured interviews set in a phenomenological framework. A total of 10 interviews were conducted

with students between the age of 18 and below. Through using thematic analysis, four overarching themes were identified:

factors that cause academic anxiety, negative impacts, approaches adopted, and online learning's impacts. The study showed

that students have different sources of academic anxiety along with specific impacts and personal coping strategies for it. An

insight into these sources and impacts will help throw light on the awareness of teachers and parents, which would in turn help to

revise the method with which they approach students.