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(December 2022)

Life and Domination: Technical and Vocational Education, Cure for Tanzania


Athanas M. Garaba and Sandeep Kumar

Pages: 1-7


Like other developing countries, Tanzania must think and rethink its people’s lives while reflecting the western domination strategies. Since life starts from birth to death, the people of Tanzania have no other homes apart from their mother, Tanzania. Tanzania should invest more in critical thinking and problem-solving skills to enjoy their presence and lives. Living under another country’s domination is losing culture and identity. Pedagogical review can assist in creating a generation with no fear and inferiority to others. Youth must learn the ideology of self-dependence and other related doctrines to the Tanzanian context while ensuring no Western hegemony to the future generation. The study also reflects the technical and vocational education to youth as a quick way of increasing production and maintaining an individual’s economy. The study employed a qualitative approach whereby a thematic analysis technique was used. The content used in this study was from the published and unpublished articles by Sandeep Kumar and the dialogue between Henry A. Giroux and David Trend. The study concludes that life has no clear meaning to most developing societies. The channel of the western agenda is hidden and propagated to other nations through education. The end of the third world war was the start of the “soft war” for increasing and expanding the hegemony in developing countries. Tanzania being under the reflection, TVET is angled seen as the cure if concentrating on the investment in critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.