International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2023)

Students Helping the Achievement of Rurals in Education (SHARE): A case study of a societal initiative in rural Bangalore


Rangarajan, S., & Subramanian, A

Pages: 1-3


A high learning poverty rate, measured as the proportion of 10-year-olds who cannot read and understand simple text, directly slows the advancement of our societies. The learning poverty rate and other impacted learning gaps will narrow only if students are guided consecutively through the stages of learning. In this paper, we introduce a new approach where the students of an engineering college interacted with school students in a nearby rural area. By analyzing where students typically make mistakes as well as how students chose the incorrect answer, targeted coaching was administered in small groups. The pre-test and post- test performances were analyzed. It is shown that this scheme, with acronym SHARE, produces significant improvements in the learning roadmap of the rural school students, while simultaneously strengthening the concepts of volunteer engineering college students, and contributing to their Academic Social Responsibility.