International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2023)

Positive Psychology: The Model for Accentuating Happiness, and Well-Being


Dr. Rabiu Garba Idris

Pages: 4-7


The need for being in the state of happiness and meaningful lifestyle becomes the human most important mechanism. That is why modern psychology qualifies a well-being as an exciting and positive emotions which is rooted from the acquisitions of pleasant lifestyle. Psychologists know hitherto very scanty about how normal people live a flourishing life even though they are under benign conditions. For many decade psychology has been a science which largely puts it is emphasis on healing disorders such as anxiety, phobias, and depressive moods. It magnifies the repairing damages within a disease and model of human functioning. Positive Psychology emerges with the aim of catalysing a change in the focus of psychology from the preoccupation of repairing the worst thing in life to building positive qualities. Therefore, this paper is designed to highlight the content of Positive Psychology and also elucidate further on the trending model, as it accentuates the human psychological condition of flourishing life and feeling of well-being.